Monday, October 29, 2012

Preparing Your Furnace For Winter

Tis’ the season to make sure your furnace and home heatingsystems are working efficiently.  Home heating contractors work towards maintain your systems to avoid costly emergency repairs that often occur during the most in opportune times.  The last thing homeowners needs is their furnace to be down during a cold snap or winter storm.

Home heating contractors do early furnace maintenance andtune-ups on home heating systems anytime throughout the year however are more common in the fall months leading into winter.  A furnace tune-up is much like something that would be done to any piece of equipment such as a car or computer. A tune-up makes sure all systems are functioning within top efficiency, updates are done and mechanics are checked for wear, rust, dust and dirt buildup.  The furnace is then cleaned, filters changed and programmed for the season.

The process of yearly furnace maintenance is much cheaper than the cost of an average furnace repair and could eliminate the need for future furnace repairs.  Maintenance is the key to keeping most mechanical systems within the home in check and your heating and cooling system works no differently.  Call to have your system evaluated and tuned up today by a licensed HVAC contractor. 

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  1. When preparing your furnace for winter it is important to make sure all the components of your heating system are clean and in working order. The furnace blower motor plays a big role in how your heating system functions. It should be oiled once a year and it shouldn't make any unusual noises when started.

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